We apply the different tools and methods to offer industry-leading products and services. Demand for CG animations, roto and painting, video editing, and other visual effects has increased with the advent of online streaming that develops an interest in this trend globally in various fields such as Electrical, Electronics, Automobile, home decor, food, textile, cosmetics and beauty products, and healthcare. With the intricate combination of multiple sequences of visual and 3D effects, the footprints of EFFEX create a tremendous visual experience.

Ad Films

We provide all kinds of post-production services such as computer graphics, and Editing for ad films.


Our VFX team allow filmmakers to create objects that are impossible to film in context with live-action shot.

Feature Films

Our special effects on films provide stunning visuals by adding different locations, and other stunts.

Web Series

We perform all kinds of VFX services for web–series and other YouTube videos.

Business Videos

EFFEX can provide a powerful story-telling experience with special effects that elevate your business brands.

Animated Series

We are expertise in creating colorful effects for animated series that attracts audience attention.



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